I am an independent illustrator, comic artist, graphic artist, 3D artist, web developer, gamer/MMO addict, and all around geek. Originally from New Jersey, I grew up on classic 1980s cartoons and superhero comics. Some of my earliest memories are drawing cartoon characters on a little sketchpad, the start of a long-term passion for creating new worlds and characters.

My first computer was an Amiga 500. With the Amiga and Deluxe Paint I began my venture into computer graphics. Ever eager to learn new things, as a teen I explored new creative avenues such as print and design, coding my own websites, and 3D modeling and animation. I continued to expand my creative toolset even more during high school by taking classes in photography, video production, and computer graphics. With aspirations to make a career in 3D animation, I attended Full Sail University and graduated with an Associates Degree in multimedia.

Afterwards, however, I spent several years working professionally in print and web development for companies such as Nike, AAA, Visa, Universal, Ping Zine, and numerous others. I produced my first webcomic for ModernTales in 2003. Later that year I started WirePop—an online comic subscription site.

In my spare time I kill many hours, and monsters, in MMORPGs and games, watch anime, read comics, take pictures, and collect figures and ball-jointed dolls.

Now currently residing in Florida and armed with my trusty computer, Wacom Cintiq, Surface Pro and digital camera, I’m working on my blog and my next webcomic.

You can read more about my creative past and what I do in my spare time.

You can also follow me through Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram and Tumblr.




  • Artists: Martin Abel – Josh Howard – J. Scott Campbell – Tony Daniel – Heather Meade
  • Movies: Matrix – Kill Bill – Wanted – Fast & Furious – Sucker Punch – Tangled – Kite
  • TV Shows: Family Guy – Vampire Diaries – Dollhouse – Alias – Nikita – Top Gear
  • Cartoons: Clone Wars – Transformers Prime – ThunderCats – Neon Genesis Evangelion – Ga-Rei Zero
  • Bands: Paramore – deadmau5 – The Kooks – Arctic Monkeys – Metric – Sirenia – The Cardigans
  • Comics: Dead@17 – Black Harvest – The Tenth – Danger Girl – Empowered – dream*scar
  • Books: Vampire Academy – Blue Bloods
  • Games: Final Fantasy XIV – World of Warcraft – Star Citizen – Test Drive Unlimited – Skyrim – Persona
  • Gaming Platform: PC


  • Computer: Custom built – 4GHz Intel i7 – Nvidia GTX 770 – 16GB DDR3 Ram – Windows 10 64bit
  • Software: Photoshop CC – Manga Studio EX – SAI – Lightroom CC – Scrivener – Evernote
  • Tablet: Surface Pro
  • Wacom: Cintiq 12WX
  • Camera: Sony NEX 5n – 18-55mm Kit – 50mm F1.8