I received my third Black★Rock Shooter figma today. The mysterious Black Gold Saw! I must say, this is the coolest one so far. When watching the Black★Rock Shooter anime you see BRS fight a silent but deadly character. She’s Black Gold Saw and her design is really one of my favorites.

She has a HUGE sword with a skull on the end of the hilt. It really does look like a gold “saw” with the serrated teeth. The character herself has long hair split into two movable parts. The rest of the hair is rubber and catches dust like no tomorrow! She has large “skeleton-like” hands that come in many optional poses. My favorite part is her legs. They have these really cool armor parts to them, yet they still look almost futuristic. The horns on her head are semi-transparent.

Overall she’s really well painted. Mine came with some chips in her right stocking, but overall it’s the same figma quality you’d expect. My pictures don’t really do it justice.