I’m an illustrator with over 20+ years experience. If you’re looking for custom illustrations then check my gallery below and let me know if you would like to commission me using the contact form. I have worked with many companies and people and would love to hear from you.

I typically draw and color in a comic-book/manga/cel-shaded style. I generally do “pin-up” type illustrations, but I’m open to any request. I love bringing characters to life. Besides commission drawings, I also produce my own digital comics in my spare time. Drawing is something very important to me. It’s something I’ve been doing for most of my life. I have produced illustrations for many people over the years from magazine covers, album covers, banner ads, custom characters, concepts, fanart, and more.

I’m no stranger to deadlines and hard work. I also do my best to be helpful and offer advice when needed. I work from home with current software. Check out my work and let me know if you’re interested!



Just the Basics
  • Get a sketch of your favorite character or something original!


Crisp and Clean
  • Get a clean inked illustration ready for color or as is.


The Full Monty
  • Get a complete colored image in a cel-shaded style.


Slot 1 - TAKEN (wt)
Slot 2 - TAKEN (wt)
Slot 3 - TAKEN (wt)
Slot 4 - TAKEN (nb)
Slot 5 - OPEN
Slot 6 - OPEN
Slot 7 - OPEN

If all slots are full please check back often. I generally free up a slot every few days.


  • Additional Characters +$25
  • Simple Background +$5
  • Complex Background +$15

Once the parameters of the illustration is established, I will start with a rough sketch to make sure we’re on the same page. The sketch is the phase where adjustments can be easily made. I will allow for a couple revisions, but too many may incur additional fees (it does take time after all). At this point I will require half payment before continuing. After that I will ink and then color. If you’re not sure of the colors I can do a “flat” color version (no shading/shadows) to establish colors. Once colored I will be able to send the final high resolution version. I do not ask for credit or to retain any copyright. It’s your image to do as you please, however I may use some in my gallery.

If many slots are full it can take a few weeks to finish an illustration. Also keep communication time in mind (replies for revisions etc) for completion length.

I won’t draw…
I won’t draw images that are overly graphic, violent, or sexual. If you’re unsure please ask first.

No free work…
It should go without saying, but I cannot work for free. Illustrations take time, it is a skill that has taken years to learn, and I have bills to pay. It’s a sad fact of life. As it is I am making less than minimum wage, but I do illustrations because it’s work I enjoy, instead of flipping burgers. My time is not worthless. If you can’t respect this, then please look elsewhere. Serious inquiries only.

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