I finally received my Miku Hatsune -Append Version- Figma. I’ve been waiting to get this one for a couple months now. She is one of the most well known Vocaloids out there and I’m even listening to some of her music as I write this!

Vocaloid is the singing synthesizer program by Yamaha made popular by the set of anime inspired characters from Crypton Future Media. Combined they are used to make electronic/dance music with anime-sounding voices (in Japanese). Miku’s music can be found all over the net and on iTunes. Her digital concert actually made its way here, to the US, at the 2011 Anime Expo. She has become very popular among anime / jpop fans. I missed out on her original figma version, and even her second release as well.  However, I managed to pick up this new design of her.

The Append Version actually represents a software expansion for the original Miku software. The updated design is a more futuristic and really clean style with softer color tones. It matches the electronic/syth style of music that I tend to listen to with her voice. I almost like the Append Version more than her original design.

There are a couple examples of Miku Hatsune music using the Append Version found here.

This figma also represents Max Factory / Good Smile Company’s 100th figma, which is a really great testament to how popular she has become — a true virtual idol. The figma comes with all sorts of options, such as: three faces, optional arm parts, options waist parts, an optional torso section, several hand poses, and, of course,a figma stand. Her hair is also clear at the tips, which is a nice touch. Other details include her signature “01” number on her arm and in the reds dots on her waist attachments.


Like all figma, she is really posable and with the optional faces can show off various expressions. However, my favorite pose is the one inspired by the original illustration of the Miku Append Version, which shows her floating in a sort of peaceful, almost timeless, state.


So far I think this is my favorite figma. Not only because I like Miku Hatsune’s music (voice?), but it’s also a really “stand out” design. The floating pose I have her in is really unique. I think she makes a great addition to my slowly growing figma collection.