My new camera is still very novel to me, so I took some shots of two figures I have in an attempt to learn how to take better photos. Even though I took photography classes in high school, it’s scary how much I’ve forgotten.

The first one up is a Supergirl statue made by Kotobukiya. I’ve always been a Supergirl fan and this statue shows her recent reboot costume designed by the late Michael Turner. I also recommend seeing her in the recent straight to video DC Universe animated movie Apocalypse. It’s based on the comic reboot story and watching Supergirl kick some butt is always fun.


The second one is a Dark Elf statue from the Lineage 2 MMORPG. I spent many hours in that MMO. They ran a comic contest some time back and I entered. My entry won and they sent me this statue along with some other prizes. Oddly, in the game Dark Elves are blue, not tan. It’s still a great statue.


This is the comic I drew that won the Lineage 2 comic contest.