I am an independent illustrator, comic artist, graphic artist, 3D artist, and web developer. Basically, I like to make things! Originally from New Jersey, I grew up on classic 1980s cartoons and superhero comics. Some of my earliest memories are drawing cartoon characters on a little sketchpad—the start of a long-term passion for creating new worlds and characters.

My first computer was an Amiga 500. With the Amiga and Deluxe Paint I began my venture into computer graphics. Ever eager to learn new things, as a teen I explored new creative avenues such as print and design, coding my own websites, and 3D modeling and animation. I continued to expand my creative toolset even more during high school by taking classes in photography, video production, and computer graphics. With aspirations to make a career in 3D animation, I attended Full Sail University and graduated with an Associates Degree in multimedia.

Afterwards, however, I spent several years working professionally in print and web development for companies such as Nike, AAA, Visa, Universal, Ping Zine, and numerous others. I produced my first webcomic for ModernTales in 2003. Later that year I started WirePop—an online comic subscription site.

In my spare time I kill many hours, and monsters, in MMORPGs and games, watch anime, read comics, take pictures, and collect figures and ball-jointed dolls.

Now currently residing in Florida, and armed with my trusty computer and Wacom Cintiq, I continue to pursue my creative dreams. I’m currently working on my online graphic novel, DARKBORN. When I’m not being creative I spend too much time playing games, typically MMORPGs—one of my long-time addictions.

You can read more about my creative past and what I do in my spare time.

You can also follow me through Twitter, DeviantArt, Instagram and Tumblr.


  • Artists: Martin Abel – Josh Howard – J. Scott Campbell – Tony Daniel – Heather Meade
  • Movies: Matrix – Kill Bill – Wanted – Fast & Furious – Sucker Punch – Tangled – Kite
  • TV Shows: Family Guy – Vampire Diaries – Dollhouse – Alias – Nikita – Top Gear
  • Cartoons: Clone Wars – Transformers Prime – ThunderCats – Neon Genesis Evangelion – Ga-Rei Zero
  • Bands: Paramore – deadmau5 – The Kooks – Arctic Monkeys – Metric – Sirenia – The Cardigans
  • Comics: Dead@17 – Black Harvest – The Tenth – Danger Girl – Empowered – dream*scar
  • Books: Vampire Academy – Blue Bloods
  • Games: Final Fantasy XIV – World of Warcraft – Star Citizen – Test Drive Unlimited – Skyrim – Persona
  • Gaming Platform: PC


  • Computer: Custom built – 4GHz Intel i7 – Nvidia GTX 770 – 16GB DDR3 Ram – Windows 10 64bit
  • Software: Photoshop CC – Manga Studio EX – SAI – Lightroom CC – Scrivener – Evernote
  • Tablet: Surface Pro
  • Wacom: Cintiq 12WX
  • Camera: Sony NEX 5n – 18-55mm Kit – 50mm F1.8