Azia, an ordinary teenager, lives a secret life: she’s a monster hunter!

Well, one in training at least. She comes from a long lineage of hunters, but she has been avoiding the hunter ruling council because she is trying to find her parents who disappeared five years ago. She knows the council would not understand. However, things change when a strange new monster seems to be hunting -her-. Finding her parents, surviving school, and hunting monsters may be the least of her problems, she could be killed! Can she solve the mysterious disappearance of her parents or will she be the next to disappear?

DARKBORN is an urban fantasy comic that explores the secret corners of our world where Hunters of the Venatores Council and dark monsters battle each other in a never-ending war. Follow along as Azilina Cross, with help from her familiar, Jax, searches for her parents and trains to be a hunter—all while coming face-to-face with the most dangerous beasts lurking just out of sight.


Ever since my childhood in the 80s I always loved making my own characters and stories. It started by inventing my own characters for my various favorite cartoon worlds. In my teens I began making my own super-hero characters. And when computers became more prevalent, I started making my own animations.

At the turn of the century I started to make my own webcomics and dabble in 3D animation.

Now I am currently producing Darkborn, a webcomic, and I’m making plans to finally create an animated series.