I told myself I wouldn’t buy another one, and yet, I just ordered my second BJD (ball-jointed doll). She’s another Dream of Doll (like my first one), a DoT Calla. She has a bit more serious look about her. She just looks cool and blasé.

When I ordered my first BJD I thought that would be it. Why would I need another one? Better yet, how could I afford another one? However, the fun and yet evil part of the BJD hobby is looking at photos of them. After constantly seeing really nice pictures of other BJDs it wasn’t long before I had thoughts of maybe getting another one. Even when looking for my first BJD, I had my eyes on the Dream of Doll – Dream of Teen Calla.

After the new year I decided to start saving for her. It only took a couple months and today I finally ordered her.


Her face gives off a certain attitude and a personality and style has already formed in my mine. I have the perfect outfit that I bought for my first BJD (Jaimee), but never used on her, so it’s going to this new one. This one will get a blond wig, which I’ll order along with some eyes before she gets here.

I’ll be sure to post plenty of photos when she arrives.


In other news, last year turned out to be very much a “goal/soul seeking” year, but it set the stage for things to come. This year I hope put some of those plans into motion. I have another big purchase coming up that will be for the computer. It’s another device that’s all part of my goal to expand and advance my abilities and options. So stay tuned.