It has been a while since I drew something, so I drew this image of a cute girl taking a nap! It was also a chance to try out some new techniques. What do you think?

The image was made completely in Paint Tools SAI using my Wacom Cintiq. I tried going for a more saturated look with the colors, compared to previous images, while still trying to keep it soft. There are some gradients in the image to help add depth. The lines were also colored to help keep it soft. The pillow and hair probably took me the longest time to color.


The sketch took me a little while. There are always aspects of an image I draw that I’m not perfectly happy with, but at some point you have to decide to move on or else you could be sketching forever.


As you can see I added the second hand after the sketch. It looked strange without seeing her other arm, but I didn’t really realize that until I colored it. It’s always good to make sure you account for things like that.

I think I’ll use some of these techniques in future images.