I started this blog several years ago because I was inspired to get back into creating stories and drawing. Ultimately, I wanted to create a new comic. As some of you may know, many moons ago I had two comics online, but when I finished them… I just stopped. I didn’t start another one. A lot of that was due to life things and spending way too much time gaming, but the other issue was that I felt my last two attempts severely fell short due to poor story planning. I wanted my next comic story to be fully thought out and created properly. That, however, caused me to over-examine everything I came up with… so time dragged on and on. But, finally, many many years, ideas, games, and more life issues later, I think I finally managed to create a story I feel confident with, and I’m excited to get it started. It took a while, but some things can’t be helped. It’s not a work of art by any means, but it will hopefully be a fun little comic.


As the title states, the new comic is called Darkborn. It takes place in an average town and follows a teen girl named Azilina Cross. What most don’t know is that she comes from a long lineage of monster hunters that are part of the mysterious Venatores Council. However, Azia’s parents disappeared five years ago during one of their monster hunts. Azia didn’t have much time to adjust before she was thrusted into a foster home. Azia’s life was fairly dark for several years with her family familiar, Jax, as her only real friend. But she recently began to train to hunt monsters with the help of Jax. Through her training and hunting monsters Azia really hopes to find her parents… or at least learn what happened to them, which leads her on an adventure she never could have imagined. It’s a dark world filled with monsters at every corner and it is the job of Hunters to find and kill them. Will Azia succeed and find her parents or will she become some monster’s next meal?

The story took me a few months to plan, but much of it was based off older story ideas that I cobbled together to create this one. It quickly took on a life of its own. I plan to explain the process I used in more detail down the road, but I found that using a mind-mapping program really helped me to quickly plan the story out. From there I used Scrivener to start scripting the individual comic pages.

I’m currently working on the initial comic pages that will launch with the Darkborn website. Many are already sketched out and I’ll be inking and coloring them soon. The website itself is mostly ready to go, it just needs some more polish and information about the comic.

Things are coming together. The Darkborn website should launch in the coming weeks. I’ll do my best to post updates on my tumblr and twitter, so please follow so you can keep up to date on its progress. I’ll see you all then!