This post has been a long time coming. Many months ago I received my limited Dollfie Dream 06 head. She was my first “floating head,” as they call it. Finally, after nearly six months, she is complete. So I’d like to introduce Kanami, my third Dollfie Dream.

I was lucky enough to get this limited head thanks to a close friend. I was missing a key component, however, a body. I wasn’t able to get a body for her for a long time due to a lack of funds and the Dollfie Dream body supply shortage that spanned most of this year and continues to this day. However, if you read my last desk diary you will have caught images of a recently acquired Dollfie Dream Dynamite body and some clothes. With all the pieces finally in place, my third girl is here.


With her striking red hair and Dollfie Dream Dynamite body, which is more “curvy” than the standard body type, she has a unique look compared to my other Dollfie Dreams.


Of course, like the other girls, she’s trained to fight! Thanks for following along as my third Dollfie Dream came together.