This device should not need any introduction. While I don’t use a Mac, this iPad will be a great assistant in my workflow. With it I’ll keep track of my projects and goals, write down story ideas, sketch out designs and of course have easy access to the internet.

I always had some kind of portable device to keep me organized and to do minor computer actives while not at my main computer. It started with the Sharp Wizard (if anyone even knows what that is) then a Palm PDA and eventually a couple Windows CE devices. In more recent years I’ve had laptops for this. They are also great to be able to check the internet from anywhere in the house over Wi-Fi. Since I pretty much live on the internet now (who doesn’t) it’s almost a necessity to always be connected.

A MacBook Pro was the first real laptop that I had, which was later replaced by an iBook, but a couple years ago the screen died. Recently the iBook was replaced with a Dell Netbook. It did the job and the smaller size was really convenient. However, when I found out about the iPad I knew it would be a perfect replacement. I don’t need a full computer to just surf the internet. With the iPad the biggest thing for me was the “instant on” factor. Laptops need to be booted. Sure, sleep mode is a little faster, but not instant. It’s one of those things you don’t realize how useful it is until you have it or lose it.

If I need to check something real quick, I don’t have to boot my main computer, just turn on the iPad. Bam! There it is. The simple interface and slew of apps really offer something for any activity I need.

I also bought a stylus. While I won’t use it to draw final images, to use it as a sort of digital sketchbook will certainly lower the stacks of paper and sketchbooks I have all over. Who knows what else I may use it for when I dig through some of the apps out there.