Some time ago I talked a little bit about Danny Choo in my post about the figma that was released based on his mascot, Mirai. I even did my own fanart image of that same character. Danny has been an inspirational figure for me for some time. He loves what he does and shares his excitement for his interests with the world on his blog. He’s taken many of his ideas and worked his behind off to make them a reality. He never stops and he never gives up. He posts about his trials, and while it might seem like he’s gone from one thing to the next over the years, he’s never done any of them halfway.

He’s taken his main character, Mirai, and several others from just an idea and some images to a true idol. His characters are all over the place now in Japan. I look at him and see someone with determination and a love for what he does. I only hope I can be so persistant.

Over the last year or so Danny has started a new endeavor, to create SD-sized dolls similar to Dollfie Dreams. He wants to make them motorized so that they can move and react, but first he made a “manual” version. He did everything himself. He researched, hired people, and little by little he managed to produce his own product, and it’s doing well. So well he can only take small orders at a time and the line is long.

I was one of the few lucky enough to get my hands on a Mirai after the first few batches. I don’t have a ton of time to take photos of her, but here are a couple.


She came in a clear plastic case wrapped in bubble wrap. She also came with a couple cards and a signed “Thank you” note. For a product that is not being mass-produced this is amazingly professional packaging. A real display of Danny’s attention to detail.


She came complete with some really well-made clothes. The shirt and pants are quiet amazing, really. The beany hate and magnetic hairclip are a nice touch. She also comes with socks, shoes, a wig, and panties. The shoes are simply… unreal. Since his father is a fairly well known shoe designer, it’s not terribly surprising. Her wig is also very nice. It has her two signature braids and is fairly well stylized to match her look. She also comes with a unique stand. There is a “port” on her back that you can place the single, telescoping stand to lean her against. It’s fairly stable and it allows you to hid it by cleverly angling when taking photos.

She looks amazing! My photos don’t really do her much justice. I’m grateful that Danny gave me the opportunity to get her. He was very nice in our email exchanges. I was also very excited to get a response from someone I’ve followed for some time. ^^

Mirai will be with me on my desk reminding me to keep moving forward, have fun, smile, and never give up! “You can do it!”