It’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been pretty busy with several things. In any event, I have a few items to share that I received over the last few months.

Some time ago I posted about a package I got from a friend and hinted at what was inside. As life goes, I didn’t get a chance to show what it was for some time. Since then that same friend has continued to be my enabler and helped me with a few more…

Three more, to be exact.

The mystery item was in fact a Sakuya head from “Shining Blade.” One that I mentioned that I wanted since she’s from the same series and sculptor as my first two. Here are a few quick photos of her:

She looks amazing! I also got her default wig and I love it. This is the only default wig that I’m actually using. Along with the head and wig, I got her really cool black katana (sword)!

But my friend didn’t stop there. Some time later my friend helped me with a nearly complete Melty from “Shinning Hearts.” I was floored since she was super popular and hard to get. Here are a few shots of her:


As if that wasn’t enough, my friend sent me a “white skin” Lucy head. It’s my first white skin Dollfie Dream. I had to order the body as separate parts since they don’t sell the white skin bodies as a complete item. I also got her a really neat pastel blue wig and glasses. I still want to get her some eyes and an outfit. I have no photos of her together yet, but soon!

(Sorry for the poor quality phone photos)


I obviously can’t thank my friend enough. I’m so spoiled and will forever be indebted.

Finally, I got a New iPad. My first generation iPad was starting to really struggle with newer apps. It has been a really great device and I don’t think I could live without a tablet at this point. I had hoped to use my iPad as a digital sketchpad, but the iPad is not really made for that. No stylus I used really worked out too well.

Before getting the new iPad I tried out an Android tablet. I have been using my Android phone for a while and I thought that maybe an Android tablet would be a good upgrade from my old iPad. I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This tablet has a digitizer with a pen. However, in the end, I didn’t much care for it. There is a major app deficit on the Android tablets. The pen, while better than my options on the iPad, was not that great either. Maybe in time they will have more apps, but for now… not so much, so I returned it.

Now I have a shiny new iPad! There is not much to really say about it. It has better everything and a very nice Retina display, which is really impressive. The resolution is so high that it makes some images online look pixelated. In either case, I know I’ll put this iPad to good use as it helps me with my projects.