Today I’d like to share with you something special that I have been lucky enough to get my hands on. With the help of the same friend that spoiled me in the past, I was able to get a Rise Kujikawa head. She is a character from the Persona 4 RPG.

The reason that I wanted her, though, is because she is unique. Her face is a bit more “realistic” than the typical Dollfie Dream with a molded nose, lips, and smaller eyes. She is almost a mix between my BJDs and my other Dollfie Dreams. And while I really like my BJDs, due to the fact that they are resin, there are many precautions you have to take with them. I keep mine in their boxes because I don’t want to risk damaging them. Dollfie Dreams, on the other hand are a bit more rugged. They are also easy to repair or you can buy replacement parts. They also don’t yellow in sunlight, so I don’t mind keeping them out.

For me Rise is like having the best of both worlds. She has a face that is closer to my BJDs with the more durable body of a Dollfie Dream.

Here are a few photos I took of her:


I put her on my Melty uni-body, which is a unique Dollfie Dream body that has a single piece torso (unlike the typical chest and bottom setup). I really like how she looks. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites. I have to thank my friend, again, for helping me get her.